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About Us

Founding Members

Sustainable Advisors Alliance (SAA) was created in 2020 by six like-minded founding members:

Jan Bryan, CFP®, AIF®

Laura Isanuk, CFP®, AIF®, CFS™

Harry Moran, CFP®, AIF®

Julie Skye

Pamela Stamper-Brandt, CFP®, AIF®

Krista Strohoffer, CFP®, AIF®


SAA is built upon our Advisors’ combined years of experience and inspired by the need we see to offer an alternative to large, cookie-cutter investment firms that are focused on profit over people.

We believe being nice matters. We strive to do well AND do good. SAA has been 38 years in the making and our members formed it to bring portfolio management solutions to investors who are looking for returns without having to sacrifice their belief that they could in fact earn sustainable, responsible profits. Known by many names, the numbers are in, and “The Triple Bottom Line” (people/profit/planet) and earning returns without sacrificing our values, is now here to stay. We invite you to join our coalition of relationships and partnerships where you will see your values aligned with your investments.


Sustainable investing isn't about changing the world, it's about understanding how the world is changing.

Being sustainable is not just having a focus on reducing pollution, it is a forward-looking strategy that seeks companies that can operate and meet the challenges around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. These companies live the best practices for their respective industries. This process turns financial markets into change agents that tackle the issues that matter to each person.

No longer do we simply exclude entire industries and “sin” stocks, such as tobacco or gaming, mining, or oil-and-gas producers. Today we have the data that gives us Sustainability Ratings based on how well the companies held are managing ESG issues. Companies that do well on this evaluation and are proactively managing the ESG issues that are the most material to their business, and doing so better than their peers. Sustainability performance measures help investors who want to focus on companies that are leading the way to a more sustainable global economy and avoid those that aren’t. 


Our Mission

Sustainable Advisors Alliance, LLC is a unique advisor-owned alliance of financial fiduciaries committed to building enduring relationships with clients. We help individuals, families and mission-based organizations voice their goals, dreams and aspirations.


Demystifying the world of finance, we work with clients to develop distinct, thoughtful and impactful strategies.This process results in solutions that are financially sound and reflective of our collective desire to create a more peaceful, prosperous and just world.


Our Vision

Portfolio Management. The heart of Sustainable Advisors Alliance is building portfolios that integrate the values-based issues with long-term growth of your investments.

Financial Planning, Guidance, & Solutions. Sustainable Advisors Alliance brings together all the pieces of your financial life to relieve stress and create real-life solutions to address what keeps you awake at night.

Community Engagement. In a global society, we are all connected. The issues that impact you, your family, and your community can bring us together to find common solutions to the real threats of our time.

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