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Add your Voice, Get Involved Q4 22

Hello Clients & Friends-

Right now can feel a bit daunting- COVID, flu, and now RSV are with us as we gather for the holidays. The Ukrainian conflict keeps bringing war on our mind, and now volatility with the markets on top of inflation. At least the midterms are over! The R-word (recession) is likely not going away just yet. Still, I believe in seasons of life and as we come into winter, I am endeavoring to embrace this next stage with effort especially as I work past these shorter days. If we haven’t talked in a while and you want to make sure you feel prepared for what is ahead, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I want to emphasize that none of this should be stressful for you when we look at it from a longer term perspective. And, in the meantime, here are some ideas to help your financial health and wellness as well as ways to continue to make an impact with your investment dollars.

2022 Preliminary Impact Numbers

The final stats are still coming in, but so far Sustainable Advisors Alliance (SAA) signed on to 17 investor letters to the companies in which we hold, asking for actions such Apple to undergo a civil rights audit, A UN Resolution on a global plastic pollution resolution, and nine insurance companies to join with AIG and stop insuring arctic drilling. We were also a key actor in getting Starbucks to allow unionization. Last year we did 18 letters and with a few more in the hopper we expect to beat last year! Let us know if you ever see a way we can speak on your investment dollars like this.

I have also given over 60 hours of time so far in 2022 through my volunteer work (not including animal foster time). This includes planning a 130+ person event for the B Corp community of Rocky Mountain West a well as six other educational and social events. Check out the website for other future events, including virtual options. This is my final year after founding the board six ago. Looking forward to a little relief next year but am excited to continue my board work with the Young Professionals group of The Nature Conservancy Colorado. All of these organizations are worth considering donating to by 12/6 which is Colorado Gives Day. Some other organizations to also consider in your support: The Alliance Center, Cottonwood Institute, or Environmental Learning for Kids, and Good Business Colorado.

SAA Ownership Update & Client Relationship Summary (CRS) Update

Earlier this fall we signed the new operating agreement making us all equal owners of SAA. It took a while, but the plan finally came together and we couldn’t be happier.

This change of ownership is considered a material change requiring us to file an update with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Once you file a material change with the SEC you need to share the information with your clients. To fulfill that obligation, I am sharing the ADV Part 3 Form CRS or Customer Relationship Summary with you(link to be added once on the website).

Concert Idea for Bay Area Clients

Mark Levine, a jazz great, passed away earlier this year. He was a dear connection to one of you and you shared he has a tribute concert on 11/21. If anyone is interested in attending, it will be a great night of music! Tickets Here.

Speaking Events and Thought Leadership

While I have been asked to speak throughout the years to various communities (private companies, religious organizations, non-profits), it seems 2022 was eager to get more education on both financial wellness and impact investing. So far I have had the chance to speak with a few outside partners, including Recycle Colorado, Davita, B Corporation B Local Colorado and and the Sierra Club Arizona whose video you can find here. Always happy to come speak to your company or community organization and tailor the content for your goals of education.

Are you an Orion Portfolio Solutions (OPS) Client- PLEASE READ!

TD Ameritrade (the custodian of these accounts) was purchased by Schwab a few years back and is beginning to go through formal stages of integration. If you have not already, please create a client log in through TD’s site, (different from OPS site). If you do not do this, all correspondence will continue to be paper from TD. This does not change communication from OPS.

*Thank you for reading* If you see something missing, please let me know and I would love to include it in future messages. If there is anyone in your life that you think would benefit from my help, please do not hesitate to share this. Thank you for being my client and for your time to read this.

All the best and hope you get some time outside soon!


Disclaimer: This content reflects the opinions of Laura Isanuk and is subject to change without notice. This content if for informational and entertainment purposes, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell of any security.There is no guarantee that any statements, opinions, or forecasts provided herein will prove to be correct. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Securities investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no assurance any investment plan or strategy will be successful. For information about the suitability of any security for your portfolio please contact me. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

Investment Advisor Representative of Sustainable Advisors Alliance, LLC | Registered Investment Advisor (SEC CRD # 312061)

Laura Isanuk CFP®, AIF®, CFS® | 720.356.0778 |

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