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Cocktail? Did someone say Cocktail?

One of my regular "go-to" Market Moguls...Jeff Gundlach CFO of Doubleline Capital holds regular updates, complete with cool PowerPoint presentations. I look forward to these updates and often use them in my Monthly Email Blasts. Last Tuesday this headline caught my eye:

Gundlach Warns of 'Cocktail of Economic Risk'

The U.S. economy will be quite vulnerable when the next recession hits, Gundlach says.

“Any thoughtful person would be concerned,” he said during a webcast on Tuesday. Combining these issues with the impact of tariffs, “It’s sounding like a pretty bad cocktail of economic risk, … and risk to the long end of the bond market. The Bond King puts the odds of a Fed rate cut over the next 12 months at roughly 70%.

As for the chance of a recession in the next two years, he said that “would be extremely high.” “For the next 12 months, I’d give you a recession probability that’s 50-50. Next six months, I’d probably have it down at 30%.”

To see what other risks make up his Risk Cocktail, check out this link:

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