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Coming from Across the Pond

A very in-depth article that is hugely important to our terms of life, profits and how Corporate America gets on board with Climate Change. Here is the intro:

"The European Commission has published a report from the Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance (TEG)[1] on a proposed classification system – a taxonomy – for environmentally sustainable economic activities based on their contribution to EU sustainability-related policy objectives. The activities cover sectors that account for over 93% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), among them manufacturing, utilities, transport, real estate, agriculture and forestry.

The proposed taxonomy, which will be continually updated and refined, aims to enable capital markets to identify and respond to investment opportunities that contribute to the EU’s environmental policy objectives. It is expected that decisions by investors to (re-)allocate capital or influence company activities can contribute substantially to climate goals as well as the related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

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