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Finish this quote;"if you are not part of the solution... are part of the problem. Makes me think of that tiresome piece of wisdom you heard from your parents: "If everyone else does it, does that mean you should do it too?"

My colleague, Sonya Dreizler, owner of Solutions with Sonya, is a leader on ESG...Sustainable Impact Investing. She recently posted this most compelling piece, which flies in the face of what has become conventional wisdom. Not everyone thinks index investing is the ONLY way to go!

Read her most provocative post (and sign up for her newsletters) about when it might be time to hop off a train heading that is heading towards the end of the track.

From Garvin Jabusch, CIO of Green Alpha; "The time when marginal measures around climate disruption and resource degradation might have worked is over.

Transformational change is upon us, in terms of both the dangers of planetary risks confronting us, and in terms of the innovations emerging to confront those. Embracing that confluence is where economic growth can and must occur.

I think it is safe to say that if a company isn’t reducing the risk profile of the economy, it won’t have tailwinds for growth in the future."

Read more:

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