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this 1st Week of February 2021

Updated: Jun 8, 2021


We are moving FAFN-Schwab accounts to SAA-Schwab the last week of February. I will not have access to your account from February 23rd through the 25th: if you anticipate needing funds during that time let me know ASAP, but know, you will always have access to your accounts. For clients at Skye-Schwab, we will move into SAA-Schwab by mid-February: our SAA Engagement Agreement will be hitting your email box soon.

😊 Why does this matter to you? Phase 1 will be completed by the end of February and we will then turn our focus to assessing your risk tolerance and drafting your Investment Policy Statement.

Fund Spotlight | Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth (BIAWX) invests in large-and-mid-size companies that promote practices such as energy efficiency and worker wellness NOT just for the good of the environment, employees, and society, but to save money, enhance their brands and grow revenues. Holding 33 stocks at year-end, nearly 40% of its portfolio is in tech.

Partner Profile | the face of financial advice just got brighter.

Julie Skye | Julie launched Skye Advisors in December 2017 when she combined her experience with her passion for Sustainable – Impact Investing. Building and managing investment portfolios using the Triple Bottom Line, Sustainable Advisors Alliance turns money into change agents that enable investors to tackle the issues of our day. Reach Julie at 918-408-7981:

Krista Strohoffer | Krista has specialized in Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) since 1999 and is a founding partner in the Sustainable Advisors Alliance. She looks at the environmental, social and governance (ESG) records of a company as how a company treats its employees, its community, the environment, and the consumers tells how well that company is likely to compete, long term. Reach Krista at: 303.413.6025 &

Constancy noun con·stan·cy | \ ˈkän(t)-stən(t)-sē

Steadfastness of mind under duress: fortitude, fidelity, loyalty. A state of being constant or unchanging: dedication and devotion.

In short supply. Synonym – Sustainable Advisors Alliance

Environmental Social Governance matters! Think how you treat your employees doesn’t matter? Those of you with “bad bosses” who grumbled “what comes around goes around” might not have thought that bad bosses would suffer, in financial terms. Companies that treated employees well during the Covid challenges of 2020 are the ones now coming out on top with investors. Whether it is retaining jobs or promoting women or understanding that diversity and inclusion improves how a company performs…the “triple bottom line” (people-planet-profit) makes money, all around. Treating employees, suppliers and customers well helped them maintain their positive brands and reputations. Sustainable investing gained traction in 2020 as pandemic-related social and environmental concerns grew: 65% of clients now say they want to include these factors in their investment analysis. 😊Why does this matter to you? Despite unprecedented market volatility last year, ESG investing has remained a priority as the world looks to solve social and environmental issues like climate change and racial injustice. Money is not neutral: it can be used to push companies in a direction that our world needs. Businesses are beginning to report more information on their operations and providing more transparency on their ESG policies.

A real, longer-term risk for the markets is the coming commodities cycle that will accompany the expected global recovery. This brings the potential to push inflation rates high enough to cause the Fed to blink…and when the Fed blinks…the rest of the world could catch a cold. A synchronized global economic recovery expected later in 2021, as the Covid vaccine gets broadly distributed worldwide, will lead to a widespread, global confidence where this economic up-turn will most improve prospects for the broader economy. Think inflation is years off? If you have priced a lowly 2 x 4 lately then you know higher prices could lead to supply shortages and higher building costs. 😊 Why does this matter to you? The Fed will keep short term rates at 0% until inflation moves over 2% and unemployment moves below 5%. We will start preparing portfolios to capitalize on higher yields: look for a new model portfolio I’m now building that I affectionately call BOOM…to reflect the coming boom in commodities.

😊Why does this matter to you? See that purple arrow? Interest rates hit their low in August 2020 and you saw this in your piddly money market dividends. I have been waiting for this upturn so I could move into higher yielding bonds. If you have been itching to spend some of your cash…the wait might almost be over

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