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This 2nd Week of March 2022 Thoughts

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Global Solutions: Think of the places you’ve traveled and how we are all now citizens of the world. This film will inspire and remind you, how connected we all are.

If you hover over the blue hot links below and hit “Control” and then “Enter” on your keyboard, you will can see film (at 00:00) or each of the 4 chapters.

Chapter: 00:00

Chapter 1: 5:09 Climate & Our Planet

Chapter 2: 11:15 Poverty & Inequality

Chapter 3: 19:25 Justice & Human Rights

Chapter 4: 23:30 - Gender Equality

This Week’s Fund Profile: I’ve attached the Domini Impact Report to this Week’s Thoughts as this is how we can see the good that is happening.

Sustainable Advisors Alliance (SAA) was founded on sustainable, impact investing: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics. Follow our blog here. Why wouldn’t someone want to participate in helping to make finance part of the solution to today’s social and environmental issues? Investors can use their power to cast a vote for affordable housing, social justice, and other causes that you care about.” AMY DOMINI, Founder of the Domini Funds

“Nations United is a special, first of its kind film, created by the United Nations on its 75th Anniversary and to mark five years since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. In the midst of a pandemic radically transforming our world, Nations United tells the story of the world as it is, as it was, and as it could be. It focuses on the solutions and action we need to tackle poverty, inequality, injustice, and climate change. Click here for the March 2022 Goal of the Month: Gender Equality

after you view this, click here, to see that We can radically transform our planet

This has become an unrelenting headline: gas, rent, and groceries are rising across the board. Every week the U.S. Labor Department says once again, that we are seeing the highest inflation in 40 years. Airfares, car insurance, recreation, personal care, and household furnishings, along with chicken, baby food, car parts, and lodging away from home are adding to the strain on consumers. There is little in This Week’s Thoughts to suggest the rapid pace of price increases could start to slow any time soon, given that the impact of the new U.S. ban on imports of all Russian oil, gas and energy is only just starting to trickle through the economy. The fact that Russia is a major producer of many of the commodities that are an essential building block in our world today just makes the war an ever grimmer reality.

Why does this matter to you? The war in Ukraine and resulting sanctions on Russia—along with worst-case scenarios, make a potential recession in the U.S. in the not-too-distant future more possible. We haven’t talked about a recession since the Covid-19 lock-downs last summer but the recession drumbeat is growing louder: a recession in the euro zone has added more fuel to that worry.

The Federal Reserve meets next Tuesday and Wednesday and Chairman Powell's post-meeting press conference on Wednesday afternoon will be must-watch TV for all of us. One of the Fed's two mandates is to have an interest rate policy that supports full employment. They have met that goal: there is plenty of demand for workers and wages are on the rise: expect at least a .25% increase next Wednesday. IF the Fed finds that it must make faster or larger increases, this will be a negative for stock and bond prices. The market now expects for there to be smaller, more gradual increases...but with the Fed SO far behind the curve, they may have to move rates higher, faster. Why does this matter to you? I am abandoning my “happy / sad / shocked smiley face” for the time being as it seems every bit of news is a mix of good, bad and ugly. There is no sugar coating it: there are many reasons to expect continued volatility. The good news is that for-warned is fore-armed and there is also good news in that we have cash to invest.

And, as the attached Bear Market History Chart shows, history favors the brave. 😊

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