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This 3rd Week of January 2023 Thoughts

What Don't You Know?

I was reminded this week that not everyone is taking advantage of all of the tools Schwab and I offer you. Attached is my familiar 1st Quarter Skye 2023 Planning & Meeting Agenda and there is something for everybody here.

A shout out to JB for reminding me of the Zelle functionality that is free with Schwab! Here are some other time saving tools. Let me know if you are interested in any of them...and find a prettier version "What Don't Your Know."

Have you downloaded the Charles Schwab Mobile Ap?

Why does this Matter to YOU?

  • Do you have a High Yield Investor Checking Account?

  • Depositing checks using the mobile AP is a breeze. Bill Pay when you are on the road is a snap.

  • Do you need to transfer money to your dog walker, or one of your kids? Zelle is the free way to send money right from your Schwab account to someone.

Are you older than 72 and want to reduce your taxable income or keep more of your Social Security check tax-free? Why does this Matter to YOU? Tax time will remind you…it is not what you make, it’s is what you keep! Start your list today…of the charitable organizations you want to donate to in 2023.

  • My handy Charitable Qualified Contribution Worksheet is attached to help you organize who you want to donate to.

  • Do I have your 2022 Tax Return? Please contact your CPA and ask them to securely, send it to me. I can not tell you how many times when I’m working on your portfolio or your financial plan, that this will let me help you.

One of the biggest benefits right now is our high yield cash management…moving as much of your cash sweep account into Schwab Value Advantage: look at the new yields!

Symbol Fund Name

7-Day Effective Yield (%)1

Current 7-Day Yield (%)2

Investment Minimums

SWVXX--Schwab Value Advantage Money Fund® - Investor Shares



Initial: None; Min. Bal: None

January and February are the perfect times to get organized, start thinking about tax time and get this year off to a good start. This Meeting Agenda and the Charitable Contribution Worksheet are the way to get started.

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