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This 3rd Week of October 2022

Schwab Value Advantage Watch: 7-Day Effective Yield is 2.95%.

The best news of the year: StoneCastle for FICA. Spend some time on the fact sheet below, for Impact FICA and the Traditional one.

Tax-Loss Selling can save you thousands of dollars in taxes: the next few months will help set you up for the best 2022 tax filing season possible.

CLICK HERE for your 2022 and 2023 Charitable Contributions Worksheet.

A bear market can take away year’s worth of portfolio returns: today we are “back” to January 2020. Markets are not like escalators, with a steady ride up or down. The are more like elevators. Pop and Drop.

Your 3rd 2022 Quarterly Report will be uploaded to your Client Vault next week: this snapshot of 2022 Year to Date performance below, shows that bonds, the usual port in the storm, were missing in action. If you are wondering why your portfolio is down, this table below will explain why!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen double digit declines in all asset classes, including bonds. Only short-term bonds lost less than 10%. Cash has been the best performing asset class, and your Schwab Value Advantage is truly earning it’s keep. The 10-year bond just hit 4.12%...and as it nears 4.5%, I plan to add to your bond portfolio.

Please let me know if you need a password reset or are having trouble logging onto your Portal. As you become familiar with your Client Portal, it will be your best friend.

The June market rally…and the other “spurts” we’ve seen since, have been based on Wall Street’s hope that the Fed was going to “pivot.” Pivot? Like turn and run? Don’t expect Jay Powell to lose his nerve. He will keep raising interest rates until inflation is below 3%. That will be a while…

The September minutes noted the “broad-based and unacceptably high level of inflation,” and said, “the risks to the inflation outlook are increasing.” There was much jawboning about the cost of taking too little action against inflation and whether it outweighed the cost of doing too much. Powell recalled the times when the ended to soon and did not kill inflation: he is well aware of the risks of prematurely ending the inflation fight. He acknowledged that “pain,” in the form of higher unemployment and falling economic output will be inevitable to bring inflation back to the central bank’s 2% target. As the chair, Powell’s voice, and vote matters most. He is now in the hawkish camp, and the tougher sentiment he has started to express is reflected in the latest meeting minutes. Why does this matter to you? Now is the time to ignore most pundit’s predictions. The FED will follow the data…so know I’ll be giving you status reports in these weekly Thoughts. It might be a little tongue and cheek but taking up a new hobby is a good thing right now.

One electric-vehicle maker has an idea to dramatically cut fuel costs by cutting out the middlemen and going directly to the sun for power. Sono Group previewed its very affordable Sion EV in New York this week: the Sion comes with integrated solar panels that can recharge the vehicle anytime it’s in the sun, whether driving or not. The panels are all over the car, including the doors, hood, and roof. With typical New York weather, the panels will deliver about 13 miles of driving range a day.

Why does it matter for you? I don’t think the human brain is equipped to think about radical change…we cannot just take today’s technology and expand it to tomorrow’s inventions. Who would think that there could be a car made out of solar panels? Totally logical…why hasn’t it happened before. What else will truly stretch our brains over the coming decades?

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