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2nd Week of November 2020 thoughts as we finish out this week

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

When a man with money meets a man with experience…the one with the experience gets the money and the one with the money…gets the experience.

With 13 million brokerage accounts, Robinhood, founded seven years ago, has exploded as millions stuck at home are looking to replace “lost wages” trading stocks. Half of new users are first-time investors, with the average age being 31. Trading options and cryptocurrencies are just a few clicks and swipes away BUT the instruction manual on how to use these risky asset classes isn’t easy to find. Investor’s worst fears are now coming true: Soraya Bagheri had 450 shares of her Moderna stock shares sold and saw $10,000 in withdrawals pending. Her alerts about a theft in progress were answered with an email that “it would investigate and respond within “a few weeks.” Now her money is gone: Bagheri is among five Robinhood customers who recounted similar experiences. The wildly popular app has no emergency phone number and users report they tried in vain to intervene, only to watch helplessly as their money vanished. While a spokesman for the company said, via email, they were working on it…these investors have money lost in space. Three other Robinhood users said the SEC and FINRA have been contacted, but still, no answers. 😲 Why does this matter to you? “Online accounts of monetary value are bought, sold and traded by cyber-criminals,” said Mark Arena, who monitors activities of digital criminals. Please pay attention to every email you get from Schwab…AND ME! Log on every month after you get the Schwab email that your monthly statements are available: review the transactions section and if you do not recognize something, call me immediately.

Don’t assume ALL stocks are too high and there is nowhere to make money. The “style” box below, pioneered by Morningstar, is telling you to pay attention: many stocks are poised to “rotate” from growth to value. 😲Why does this matter to you? This chart shows the gap between value (loss) and growth (gains) is at an all-time high and there is money to be made in the companies that have outperformed this year. There are two ways you can profit: add to your stocks and trust our fund managers will also capitalize, for your benefit.

Skye 2.0 is rolling out: Once we have you at Skye – Schwab, we will determine your Risk Tolerance to ensure we have the right balance between “not too hot…and not too cold.” Our goal is to ensure we take enough risk to grow but not more than you need to sleep at night. Remember Riskalyze…the online risk-assessment survey we used when I was at Mariner? Well, when I left Mariner, I left Riskalyze behind because asking you to predict if you would you rather make 50% or lose 10% was just not real life. Worst of all…Risk Tolerance Assessments are like driving by looking through the rear-view mirror to predict how long you will live and what your life will look like in 20 or 30 years. At the end of the day…if we “guess” wrong, we risk you will run out of money or you will live your golden years on an austerity budget. After vetting all of the major Risk Tolerance Assessment tools on the market, our team unanimously selected “Hidden Levers” as it does exactly what the name implies: it looks under the surface at the trends and events driving returns. Scenario testing is the rational way to project our expectations into the future. 😊 Why does this matter to you? My goal has always been to get inside your head about what YOU feel the future holds for you. As the months and years unfold, we will have a tool in place that will let us take current events and keep your portfolio not too hot, and not too cold.

Skye Advisors 2.0 will be our focus for the rest of 2020. I am changing because as usual, we are ahead of the curve!

Constancy noun con·​stan·​cy | \ ˈkän(t)-stən(t)-sē

Steadfastness of mind under duress: fortitude, fidelity, loyalty. A state of being constant or unchanging: dedication and devotion. In short supply. Synonym ­­- Skye Advisors

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