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You bet I'll sign on to this letter to Chevron...

At the top of the list for being 100% free and independent is my ability to sign onto letters like this...going to Chevron, penned by ICCR. You bet I'll sign.

"We invite you to sign on to an investor letter to Chevron’s CEO to engage in a dialogue on water related risks in its operations and supply chain. The letter highlights investor concern that Chevron does not disclose its policy or provide the necessary information for shareholders to assess the company’s commitment to addressing water-related risks and the human right to water.  Several related shareholder proposals have been filed on the subject over the past few years.

Water is integral to Chevron’s operations. As one of the largest oil producing and refining companies in the world, Chevron’s reliance on water withdrawals and its high volume of wastewater production means the company is exposed to risks related to water which may impact the company’s social license to operate, and may present potential physical, regulatory and reputational risks across its business segments. As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Chevron should carefully consider where its greatest risks of affecting the human right to water may be and how it responsibly manages its water use throughout its value chain, and related responsibilities to shareholders, communities in which it operates, employees, and other stakeholders in the global community."

The letter calls on the company to develop a publicly available Human Right to Water policy and increase public disclosure on water via the CDP Water questionnaire.  

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